After years of requests to start a blog – here I am!  Let’s get this party started… I am a girl who has an insatiable love for human circumstance.  Simply put I love to laugh and a lot of that laughter comes from hilarious experiences that I have day-to-day.  Honestly in the run of a week anything is possible – dating dilemmas, random conversations, geriatric encounters, travel adventures and witnessing odd things.   People come into my life without invitation, I don’t know what unconscious vibe I send out but super random people approach me all the time – which is great because it gives me material.  I am the kind of girl who likes to make getting a PAP funny, pumping gas memorable or dinner out with friends shocking.  I also love cooking, shopping and shamelessly sharing my discoveries with others.  So here I am inviting you into my life – I hope you find it funny.


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