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Home made reality TV

29 Apr

junk 2

As I mentioned in a previous post I have been doing a home renovation with my boyfriend.  Things have really been moving along quite well all things considered.  We haven’t had any of the TV home makeover moments where the contractor tells the designer “Gosh Tina, I sorry to tell you that you have asbestos in your attic and that is going to eat up your reno budget.”  “Oh no really John, does that mean I can’t get my main floor powder room?”.  In terms of renovations this has been a smooth one.

We have literally emptied an entire house and brought in both of our belongings… so you can imagine all of the “stuff” which needed to be sold, stored or thrown away.  As my earlier post indicated I had great success with Kijiji.   The front of the house has been looking kind of Honey-Boo-Boo-ish in recent days.  My Dad hit the yard with his power saw last weekend and left an enormous pile of trees, branches and brush at the end of the driveway and the garage is packed with garbage/junk.  Today is garbage day in Halifax, so last night Maurice decided to put a few pieces of our junk out there as well.  He said “Let’s just see if people will take this stuff and if not the junk guy is coming tomorrow.”   If you remember from my Kijiji story Maurice hates junk, bartering, wasting time, clutter, etc.  Cleaning out this garage is as exciting to him as scoring the winning goal, or winning on a lotto ticket.   What happened next is where it gets interesting.  All of the sudden cars started pulling up to our house as if Don Connolly from CBC had made an announcement on Information Morning.  I was cleaning the washroom when Maurice exclaimed “Oh my god they are taking the big shelf!”.  A few moments later this usually fairly reserved man hooted again “Look at that the curtain rod is gone; I am going to put more stuff out.”  Out he went with a few more items and within an hour the extremely ugly lamp set was gone as well as bunch of musty smelling gym bags!  He then started to dig deep into the pile of rubble in our garage.  When we got up this morning he went to the front window with the same amount of enthusiasm as a 7 year old running to see what is under the Christmas tree.  To our amazement all but one piece was gone.   Who knew there is a culture of ditch divers in South End Halifax? 

Honestly, I think this has the potential for a reality TV series.  You could see just what people are willing to take.  Make a competition of it with your neighbours.  “Yeah, well I got rid of  my old dentures”…  “Last night somebody took my mother-in-laws wig”.  You get the picture.  I have the perfect host for the show – Maurice.


The story of the Kitchen Aid mixer

25 Apr

Kitchen Aid

I have been blessed with a great Mom. She would quite literally do anything for me, she is always supportive, proud and has set an awesome of example of what a Mother can be.  I am the only girl in my family. I am the youngest of 4 – I have 3 older borthers.  Each of my brothers met their wives early on in this thing called life.   Two in university and Dave a few years after. Oddly enough they were all married 5 years apart and Mom/Dad 25 years before.  So, this year they will be celebrating 40, 15, 10 and 5 years of marraige.  Of course Mom would like to see me “get hitched” and she thinks this summer would work well with the 5 year trend.

Now you are wondering, what in the world does a Kitchen Aid have to do with marraige?  I love all things kitchen: cooking, baking and creating!  Over the years I have certainly slummed it in terms of my kitchen hardware.  I have literally done a lot of things “by hand” without the aid of machines. About a year ago I made mention to my brother and sister-in-law that I was planning to buy a Kitchen Aid mixer for myself.  Upon saying this they both burst out laughing and said “You might want to check with Mom before you do that”.  “Check with Mom I said, what are you talking about?”  I was thinking that perhaps she was planning on getting me one for Xmas (Mom starts planning next Christmas once she takes the tree down from the current year).  This conversation took place in April and I didn’t think I could wait until December.  So I probed my brother a little further until he told me that Mom had purchased a Kitchen Aid mixer for me a few YEARS before in anticipation of me getting married.  So, by now the warranty would likely be worn out and I was single!  I can understand making the purchase if I was with someone who had asked my Dad if he could marry me, but there was no one in my life!  We had a great laugh about it and we decided that I would bring up the fact that I was looking at Kitchen Aid mixers just to see her reaction.  So I did and she said “Oh yeah, have you actually bought one yet”?  I said “No, I haven’t but I might this weekend.”  She didn’t say anything.  I couldn’t keep it going any longer so I said “Mom I know you have one in a closet somewhere in your house for me and you want to give it to me as a wedding gift. Why in the world wouldn’t you just wait until I am actually GETTING MARRIED to purchase it?”  We both burst out laughing but she didn’t bring it out of the closet and hand it over.

Fast forward a year – I am no longer single.  I don’t know if she looked at the warranty and realized it was going to expire or she thinks that Maurice is “the one”, but guess what is sitting on my kitchen counter?  A very lovely tangerine colored Kitchen Aid mixer.  It seems Mom decided that even if I am not married I deserve to mix my cakes in style.


Horse Hair

24 Apr


I have the same amount of hair as a large horse.  Not a racing horse, but a really big draft horse.  The kind you see at the fall fair that weigh 2 thousand pounds with their mane all done up in fancy ties.  I have a dog who doesn’t shed, however, I make up for her.  I literally shed hair as if I am an animal and yet my mane never thins.  After I blow dry my hair my bathroom floor looks like a scene from the wild wild west with tumble weeds of hair everywhere.  I clog the drain on regular basis even though while showering I gather the hair that comes out of my head and throw it in the garbage.   Maurice saw my “shower gathering” in the garbage the other day and he was amazed (I mean grossed out).

I pride myself on being a super fast pull it together girl. In 15 minutes I can go from looking somewhat questionable to being reasonably put together.  That comes from growing up with one bathroom, a busy schedule and having the attention span of a 2 year old. I just can’t focus on my hair, eyebrows, skin or anything for much longer than that.  Due to this I always feel like I am “one step short of perfection”.  Lipstick on my teeth, mascara below my eyes, ketchup on my shirt.  My hair has caused great issue for me – it isn’t possible to quickly dry the hair of 5 people. I have started to get my hair blown out once a week.  That is right, I go to a girl who spends 1 ENTIRE hour blow drying my hair out.  With professional equipment and 20 years of experience she can’t even believe the go ahead required to do my hair. This means my hair looks amazing and I only wash it once a week!

I love reading about DIY projects whether it be for beauty or for the home. I have come to realize I am not a DIY yourself kind of girl. Most of the projects require having an attention span.  I have tried some at home beauty bits and they flopped.  Eggs in my hair = greasy hair.  Oil on m face = greasy face. At home waxing = half of my eyebrow gone. You get the picture.  The other day I saw a discussion on a natural beauty site about a YouTube instructional video on a “no heat hair curl.”  This cute Austrian girl with a lisp shows how to curl your hair overnight by essentially french rolling your hair into a headband.  Now my hair when curled makes me look like Diana Ross if not done professionally.  A few months ago I curled it myself – I had to take breaks because my arms felt like they were going to fall off. Upon seeing me my brother Steve looked at me curiously and asked if I had a wig on.  Not doing that again.  A lot of volume was happening.  This girl claims to have the same hair as me – thick, coarse and somewhat curly.  I was sucked in. I watched the entire 20 minute video.  I washed my hair.  I let it dry.  It look really bad.  I just moved houses and couldn’t find my headbands, so I used a bathing suit strap (although I do not have a long attention span I am resourceful).  I rolled my hair. 8 hours later I unrolled and it and I cannot believe it but my hair is curly, like Great Gatsby curly and it took all of 4 minutes.  Finally a Do It Yourself success!!!!

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