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You’re my brother

21 Mar


As we all know there is a striking difference between men and women.  As Randy Travis said “As long as old women sit and talk about old men” – it is a constant topic.  In recent days the differences have been even more apparent to me as I am remodeling a home with my boyfriend.  Maurice’ style when a decision needs to be made: go to an expert and if the price isn’t shocking do it.  Emilie’s style when a decision needs to be made: reference many websites/magazines, look at different stores, compare prices and ask friends before maybe/perhaps making a decision.  Throughout this process we’ve actually mostly been on the same page except on a few things.  Maurice absolutely hates Home Sense, sales andKijiji makes his skin itch.   I on the other hand see great value in Kijiji and throughout this process we’ve had quite a few things to sell and I have made us back quite a bit of dough.  Now here is where it gets funny. 

I got an email from a guy asking me about a coffee table I had on Kijiji.  Once you respond to the email it shows you the actual email address of the person not just “you have received a message from Kijiji”.  We went back and forth when he offered me half of what I was asking for the table.  I said no.  Then I get another email from Kijiji about the table to which I replied. When this person responded the email address was from a person with the same last name as the other person who was emailing me.  This person asks to have the table for a little higher than the other guy.  They were attempting to haggle me at the same time, however, they didn’t do a very good job of it seeing as I could see their names. I stuck to my guns and only lowered it by $20.  Last night I arranged to have “them” meet us at the house to pick it up.   When they came it was a father and son – even though they knew the dimensions of the table they looked at it and said “oh I don’t know if it will fit in our car”.  At that moment my phone rang so I left Maurice to manage the project.  Off Maurice goes outside with these two guys in an attempt to rid us of this table. After I got off the phone I realized Maurice hadn’t come back into the house yet so I went to the window to see what was happening.  Upon looking I see Maurice trying to fit the table in the back of their car; I watched for a few minutes roaring laughing as they tried to make it fit.   Here is the guy who hates haggling and finds it strange that strangers come to your house to pick up your old things on his knees trying to finish the deal.  I got distracted and at least another 10 minutes went by before he came into the house.   After a few curse words he tells me that the two men went to put it in the car and when doing so they broke the glass.  They then tell Maurice they don’t want the table anymore.  Maurice says “well you broke it so you need to pay me for the glass, $40”.  The father puts his hand on Maurice’s shoulder and says to him “You’re my brother” (as in God made them connected) and says “I will give you $25”.   Now we have a coffee table with no glass and the entire purpose of the activity was to rid us of the things we don’t need anymore.  Maurice is now fully convinced that Kijiji is evil.