A walk in the park…

29 May


I religiously and faithfully walk my dog 2, sometimes 3 and even 4 times a day regardless of the wind, rain, snow, fog or sun.  I moved 2 months ago and I now live beside the largest park in Halifax which for a dog owner is amazing. Millie and I hit Point Pleasant around 7 every morning and we typically see the same people.  We exchange good mornings with other dogs/owners/walkers/runners/bikers.  Of course there are your typical aloof standard poodle owners (not Eli and Amanda), angry runners and those who classify themselves as “not being morning people”, but generally it is a ‘pleasant’ time at Point Pleasant. We usually see the same people in the morning; the evening isn’t as predictable as there is more time in the evening.  Sometimes we go at 5, sometimes 6, sometimes 7.  You get the picture.  Point Pleasant is one of the only parks in the city which allows dogs to be off leash – the areas are clearly marked, so if you do not want to be around dogs off leash you can easily do so. Obviously it attracts a lot of dogs.

I have noticed that when the “summer” arrives suddenly dogs and people who’ve been hibernating for the past 6 months come out of the wood work.  Yesterday was a beautiful day in Halifax.  After my dress came down from my ears (see earlier entry to understand) I made plans with my friend Stephanie to go for a walk in Point Pleasant after work.  Stephanie has a Miniature Schnauzer named Zoe.  Zoe has the disposition of a bunny rabbit – quiet, gentle, kind of timid.  A real sweetie – the pic at the top is Zoe.  So, we were having an enjoyable walk chatting about recipes, boyfriends, summer plans, etc.  Zoe ran ahead over the crest of a hill when all of the sudden we heard this women screaming “get the F*ck away from me dog. Get out of here or I will kick you in the head.” If a police officer asked me to recant what I saw I would say: a greasy woman weighing about 110 pounds wearing jogging pants.  A man holding a small child was sitting on the ground. He appeared to be just as afraid of her as we were.” Once she saw us she screamed “Get your dog away from me or I will kick it all the way to f-ing Dartmouth.”  She said the full F word. This leads me to believe that she must have been from Dartmouth as I, being from Halifax, would say “I will kick your dog to the Dingle” or perhaps “all the way to Citadel Hill”.  Stephanie, appalled by the attack of this vicious non-canine creature  said “I am sorry I am a stranger, why are you talking to me this way, dogs are allowed off leash here?”  She said “I will talk to you whatever f’n way I want to talk to you.  Your dog isn’t allowed here”.  The hilarity of the situation was she was sitting at the base of a large sign which states “Off-leash By Law..”  She might have been from Dartmouth and couldn’t read? I can’t be sure.  Now, I am not good with confrontation especially with a raving lunatic who looked like she might hang out with Rob Ford.  I said “You have a child with you – a great example you are setting.”  How very prolific of me.  I am sure she will change her parenting skills as a result of it. She kept screaming and we walked away. 

Here is what I don’t understand.  Why would a woman (who acts more like an animal than any animal in the park) who hates dogs  make the effort to drive from Dartmouth to the only park in downtown Halifax where dogs can run off leash, smoke cigarettes and sit right where dogs run?  Now, I realize as an owner you are meant to be in control of your dog, but off leash indicates that the risk of a dog approaching you is higher. To me that is like saying “I hate children so I like to go and park myself at a playground and scream obscenities at any kid who comes near me.”  Or “I hate the pools, but I like to go and scream at people when I get splashed.”

I don’t know who that woman was or why she was so nasty,but I do know that her attitude was far more offensive than Zoe running over to say hello.

*** The Dartmouth comments are just to add to the story. I like Dartmouth no matter what most people say 😉


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