I’ve noticed something

11 May

My entire life I’ve been a talker.  My grade primacy teacher named me Motormouth, I constantly got in trouble for talking all through my school years and yes it continues in that I talk to most anyone I come across.  This gift of the gab has led me to many hilarious encounters over the years. I must give people some sense of comfort as well because people tell me things.  Really personal things.  They tell me these things in places they normally wouldn’t be talking about their personal lives.  I love this.  I think it has added to my life experience. 

I’ve noticed something: we are turning into a self portrait taking non talking society.  I am currently in Miami for a short vacation.  Maurice has been golfing early in the morning and getting back around 2 pm daily,  so while he is slicing it up on the golf course I’ve had time to do whatever I want. I have been doing a lot of people watching and talking to strangers while I stroll around this odd place called Miami Beach.  On my morning walks I’ve noticed girls in string bikini’s lying on the edge of the water in mermaid-like poses attempting to get the best shot (after 9 tries) to post, text, email or Insta-gram, or wherever else. Over and over again it is people standing alone with a phone posing for a shot.  I even saw one older woman with both a bath cap and baseball cap on taking a picture of herself. I haven’t seen anyone talk to each other!  Last night we went to a pretty swanky place for dinner.  We had driven 8 hours yesterday and got back to the hotel at 9 pm.  In Key West it was so hot I felt like I had peed my dress, so I needed to take a quick shower.  We were in the restaurant by 9:30. Point being – Maurice and I were the two most thrown together ones in the joint.  There were a lot of beautiful people there and those beautiful people looked like they had spent hours putting themselves together.  I was doing a lot of gawking.  One family came and sat beside us. The mother was WAY TOO OLD to be wearing what she was wearing and she had a look on her face like someone had farted the entire dinner.  The daughter was very pretty and she kind of looked like her face was made of wax because it didn’t move.  So, there they sat with snot faces having an “awesome time”.  We watched them take pictures of each other throughout the meal and the ONLY time they smiled was when the camera flashed and the only time they spoke was to say “show me the picture.”  They must have took at least 10 retakes. Every night it has been the same thing – people put an enormous amount of effort into looking good, coming to the restaurants we’ve been at and the entire meal they are on their phones taking pictures and then doing things on their phones.  On Facebook it will look like they were having an awesome time as in that picture moment it was the only time they smiled and sat close to one another.  They weren’t having an “awesome time” although all 567 friends will like it and tell her she looks amazing.  Maurice and I (more me but the poor sucker is forced to go along with my stranger talks) have chatted with lots of people. I have also noticed that my “stranger breakthroughs” have become more difficult in recent days.  People sometimes react like I am going to steal their dog rather than pet it.  I’ve had some amazing conversations on airplanes, but now people are ear-plugged up.  On one of my flight segments here there were no in flight units, but it seemed most people had something of their own to use. I was so nervous to go to the bathroom after the reaction the guy on the outside had when the man in the middle needed to get up. It was as if he owned the aisle and we had interrupted his marriage ceremony. I certainly wasn’t going to strike it up with him! I overheard two guys at the pool chatting the other day about the fact that they both have recently bought hand guns and “lots of ammunition” and that they think teachers should have guns in the schools as a way to deter kids from gun violence.  I said something funny to them and at first they looked at me really strangely.  I am not sure if it was because I am Canadian or because I spoke to them.  I was nervous they were going to pull out their gun.

My point is: let’s stop being so “self centric” and connect with other people.  You do have a lot more fun that way. 




2 Responses to “I’ve noticed something”

  1. whatsherface2 May 11, 2013 at 3:46 pm #

    I agree. We’re more concerned with proving to people we don’t care about that we’re having fun than actually spending time with the people we love.

  2. Sarah Whiting May 13, 2013 at 2:57 pm #

    so true so true!!!

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