Home made reality TV

29 Apr

junk 2

As I mentioned in a previous post I have been doing a home renovation with my boyfriend.  Things have really been moving along quite well all things considered.  We haven’t had any of the TV home makeover moments where the contractor tells the designer “Gosh Tina, I sorry to tell you that you have asbestos in your attic and that is going to eat up your reno budget.”  “Oh no really John, does that mean I can’t get my main floor powder room?”.  In terms of renovations this has been a smooth one.

We have literally emptied an entire house and brought in both of our belongings… so you can imagine all of the “stuff” which needed to be sold, stored or thrown away.  As my earlier post indicated I had great success with Kijiji.   The front of the house has been looking kind of Honey-Boo-Boo-ish in recent days.  My Dad hit the yard with his power saw last weekend and left an enormous pile of trees, branches and brush at the end of the driveway and the garage is packed with garbage/junk.  Today is garbage day in Halifax, so last night Maurice decided to put a few pieces of our junk out there as well.  He said “Let’s just see if people will take this stuff and if not the junk guy is coming tomorrow.”   If you remember from my Kijiji story Maurice hates junk, bartering, wasting time, clutter, etc.  Cleaning out this garage is as exciting to him as scoring the winning goal, or winning on a lotto ticket.   What happened next is where it gets interesting.  All of the sudden cars started pulling up to our house as if Don Connolly from CBC had made an announcement on Information Morning.  I was cleaning the washroom when Maurice exclaimed “Oh my god they are taking the big shelf!”.  A few moments later this usually fairly reserved man hooted again “Look at that the curtain rod is gone; I am going to put more stuff out.”  Out he went with a few more items and within an hour the extremely ugly lamp set was gone as well as bunch of musty smelling gym bags!  He then started to dig deep into the pile of rubble in our garage.  When we got up this morning he went to the front window with the same amount of enthusiasm as a 7 year old running to see what is under the Christmas tree.  To our amazement all but one piece was gone.   Who knew there is a culture of ditch divers in South End Halifax? 

Honestly, I think this has the potential for a reality TV series.  You could see just what people are willing to take.  Make a competition of it with your neighbours.  “Yeah, well I got rid of  my old dentures”…  “Last night somebody took my mother-in-laws wig”.  You get the picture.  I have the perfect host for the show – Maurice.


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