The story of the Kitchen Aid mixer

25 Apr

Kitchen Aid

I have been blessed with a great Mom. She would quite literally do anything for me, she is always supportive, proud and has set an awesome of example of what a Mother can be.  I am the only girl in my family. I am the youngest of 4 – I have 3 older borthers.  Each of my brothers met their wives early on in this thing called life.   Two in university and Dave a few years after. Oddly enough they were all married 5 years apart and Mom/Dad 25 years before.  So, this year they will be celebrating 40, 15, 10 and 5 years of marraige.  Of course Mom would like to see me “get hitched” and she thinks this summer would work well with the 5 year trend.

Now you are wondering, what in the world does a Kitchen Aid have to do with marraige?  I love all things kitchen: cooking, baking and creating!  Over the years I have certainly slummed it in terms of my kitchen hardware.  I have literally done a lot of things “by hand” without the aid of machines. About a year ago I made mention to my brother and sister-in-law that I was planning to buy a Kitchen Aid mixer for myself.  Upon saying this they both burst out laughing and said “You might want to check with Mom before you do that”.  “Check with Mom I said, what are you talking about?”  I was thinking that perhaps she was planning on getting me one for Xmas (Mom starts planning next Christmas once she takes the tree down from the current year).  This conversation took place in April and I didn’t think I could wait until December.  So I probed my brother a little further until he told me that Mom had purchased a Kitchen Aid mixer for me a few YEARS before in anticipation of me getting married.  So, by now the warranty would likely be worn out and I was single!  I can understand making the purchase if I was with someone who had asked my Dad if he could marry me, but there was no one in my life!  We had a great laugh about it and we decided that I would bring up the fact that I was looking at Kitchen Aid mixers just to see her reaction.  So I did and she said “Oh yeah, have you actually bought one yet”?  I said “No, I haven’t but I might this weekend.”  She didn’t say anything.  I couldn’t keep it going any longer so I said “Mom I know you have one in a closet somewhere in your house for me and you want to give it to me as a wedding gift. Why in the world wouldn’t you just wait until I am actually GETTING MARRIED to purchase it?”  We both burst out laughing but she didn’t bring it out of the closet and hand it over.

Fast forward a year – I am no longer single.  I don’t know if she looked at the warranty and realized it was going to expire or she thinks that Maurice is “the one”, but guess what is sitting on my kitchen counter?  A very lovely tangerine colored Kitchen Aid mixer.  It seems Mom decided that even if I am not married I deserve to mix my cakes in style.



2 Responses to “The story of the Kitchen Aid mixer”

  1. Patricia Nutini April 25, 2013 at 5:45 pm #

    I love your writing!
    Hi from BC!

  2. Kirsten April 25, 2013 at 10:50 pm #

    hehe Love this!

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