24 Jan

I’ve been away since Saturday and haven’t had a moment to park myself and hit the keys!  Prior to starting my blog my girlfriends said that I must “republish” some of my old material.  Thank goodness for Yahoo! mail as you can easily search through old mail – boy oh boy, did I find some doozies!  So for the next few days I will provide you with a few “blasts from the past”.

“It is pouring rain in Halifax, but who can complain given the weather we’ve had in recent months!   Not sure what all of you have been up to in recent days – but I hope you are all happy and healthy.  I have a few funny stories to tell you:
I went on an on-line date a few weeks back… he was French and was quite cute in his pictures (and in person actually).  In one of his emails he said to me “Do you take your dog to work with you?  If so, I think we have met before.”  Me and my ninja memory – I couldn’t think of where I had met him which is quite odd.  I replied and said “Oh really, where???”  he replied “I will tell you on Tuesday – meet me at Bistro de Cocque at 8pm”.  The day came and I wasn’t feeling like going… but I did.  It was pouring rain outside and when I got to the restaurant the floor was SUPER slippery.  The waitress said to me “Oh I think the person you are meeting is in the dining room around the corner – be really careful as the floor was just polished”.  I very carefully made my way there and right as I approached the table – yup I went tits up!  I fell right in front of him!  I got my arse and my ego up off the floor very quickly and awkwardly said hello.  After we ordered some wine I asked him “So, where I have met you??”  He said “I drive a cab and I’ve driven  you a few times!”  I then recalled meeting him – but as the taxi protocol goes I was in the back seat and didn’t really see his face.  So already I have fallen on my ass and now I  find out my date was my cab driver before.  Not sure if it was the fact that I fell, that he put his gum on the side of his plate while he ate or that he was so deeply insecure about being a cab driver (explained over and over why/how much he works/owns a house) or what…but it wasn’t there for me. Now every time I dial 425-6666 I am fearful of the French Frog being my driver.

That about sums up my online dating experience – awkward and underwhelming.
Thank goodness for friends who set you up 😉


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